About Us


Promotional Merchandise Agency

Prestige Promo supplies a vast variety of Promotional Merchandise & Apparel to ensure your company's brand stands out from the rest. 

To make it simple:

We put YOUR LOGO on MERCHANDISE and APPAREL that suit your promotional requirements at the most Competitive Rates!


What We Do

 Prestige Promotions provides premier promotional products & services to suit your companies specific needs to help you achieve your branding goals in the most cost effective ways. 

We have thousands of items to select from and our team of creative and dedicated individuals will work with you to develop a selection of custom promotional items & apparel for your particular events & promotions.

Our Objective: To assist you in creating your company's brand awareness resulting in increased sales and repeat customers.


Why Us?

Branding is important, but R.O.I and R.O.O are critical. Without measurement we have no way to determine how successful or unsuccessful a marketing campaign has been. 

With money tight, and budgets shrinking, each dollar MUST be accounted for - We understand this.... We also understand that you are being challenged daily to validate your spend and returns.. We are here to ensure that you are getting the greatest number of impressions for every dollar spent. 

With our innovative & constant up-to-date market research, we can guarantee to provide you with the hottest products and merchandise on the market.

 We believe that great companies are surrounded by great brands. 

So do yourself a favor, focus on developing your company and let us focus on promoting your brand.


What are you waiting for.